Dr. of Techn. Sci. prof. of the chair “Theoretical mechanics” Azerbaijan Architectural Civil Engineering University


Dr. of Techn. Sci. prof. of the chair
“Theoretical mechanics”
Azerbaijan Architectural
Civil Engineering University



Kuliyev Sabir Ali oglu was born in 1940 in Kalbajar district of Azerbaijan Republic (from 1993 up to now this territory is under invasion of Armenia).
In 1957 he finished the secondary school with a medal and joined Azerbaijan Polytechnical Institute (now Azerbaijan Technical University) and graduated from it by the speciality mechanical engineer (engineering industry technologies). Beginning from 1963 up to day he gives lectures at this University.
In 1966 S.A.Kuliyev joined the post-graduate courses of the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan (by the speciality Theory of elasticity and plasticity).
In 1971 he earned in Moscow his Ph.D in the field of the mechanics of solids.
From 1975 S.A.Kuliyev carried out his scientific activity under the guidance of the world-known scientist prof. D.I.Sherman (Institute of “Problems of Mechanics” of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, now Academy of Sciences of Russian Federation).
In 1988 S.A.Kuliyev earned his doctor’s degree on the theme “Determination of a strees-state of doubly-connected media with complicated geometry”.
Working already 40 years in the field of mechanics of a solid S.A.Kuliyev published more than 100 scientific papers and 13 books.
All these papers have been published in the known academic scientific journals of Russia (“Mechanics of solids”, “Applied mathematics and mechanics”), Ukraine (“Applied mechanics”), Azerbaijan (Doklady AN, Izvestiya AN and etc.), and also in the known scientific journals of the USA, England, Canada, Japan and others.
In 1991 S.A.Kuliyev’sTwo-dimensional problems of elasticity theory” monograph was published in Moscow.
In 1994 textbook on the theoretical mechanics for students of higher educational institutions “Brief course of Theoretical mechanics” (in azeri) was published.
In 1995 the monograph of prof. S.A.Kuliyev Conform mapping” was published.
In 1998 prof. S.A.Kuliyev for the first time in Azerbaijan published the monograph “Theory of Elasticity” (torsion and bending of prismatic bars with crack) in azerb. language.
In 2001 also in azeri the book of prof. S.A.Kuliyev Some problems of the theory of elasticity” (plane problem of elasticity theory and bending of polygonal plates) was published.
In 2002 prof. S.A.Kuliyev publishes the new monograph “The stress state of anisotropic plates” (in azeri).
In 2003 prof. S.A.Kuliyev published the text-book “Theoretical mechanics” (in azerb. language).
In 2004 S.A.Kuliyev’s new monograph “Conformally mapping  functions of  complex  domains” appears (in Russian and English).
In 2005 prof. S.A. Kuliyev (in conjunction with A.F. Mamedov) published the new educational book titled “Calculation of flat and spatial farm”.
In 2010 prof. S.A.Kuliyev publishes the monograph “Physical non-linear problems of Elasticity Theory” (in azeri and in english)
In all his published scientific papers and monographs new methods to the solution of two-dimensional elasticity theory (plane problem of elasticity theory, bending and torsion of prismatic beams, bending problem of polygonal plates and etc.) are stated. On the basis of the stated approaches and the suggested method all existing deficiencies in the known solutions of other authors are eliminated.

The indicated papers and monographs contain also many mapping functions of sufficiently complex domains (circle, ellipse, square, hexagon with two different linear cracks and others) and also constructive recommendations on the choice of complex Kolosov-Muskheleshvili potentials for multi-connected domains of complex geometry found first in the scientific world by prof. S.A.Kuliyev.

As is known conformally mapping function plays a great role in solving problems of the mathematical theory of elasticity. As academician N.I.Muskheleshvili states if mapping function of any domain a unit circle is known, a problem of the theory of elasticity for this area can be considered as resolved.

Therefore many problems of the theory of elasticity, especially for the complicated ones were not considered or resolved up to date. In this connection many important aspects of concentration of stress were not duly resolved either.

For the first time auxiliary function, by means of which the initial problem is led to finding one regular function, is introduced on contours of an any configuration, that generalizes and advances D.I.Sherman’s known method.

The solution of many isotropic and anisotropic finite plates and prismatic beams with different linear and arc-like cracks, also the dynamic solutions of the Elasticity Theory for polygonal plates were given for the first time in native and foreign literature by prof. S.A.Kuliyev.




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