Dr. of Techn. Sci. prof. of the chair “Theoretical mechanics” Azerbaijan Architectural Civil Engineering University



The problems on elasticity theory for non – singly connected regions, isotropic, physically non- linear and anisotropic materials have been considered and solved in the present book on the base of methods of theory of complex variable function and conformal mapping.
A new approach eliminating the existing imperfections in the known solutions has been proposed.
The constructive recommendations on choice of complex potentials and mapping functions for regions of sufficiently complicated geometry have been proposed. Convenient  and simple formulae allowing to determine the stressed state in construction elements have been obtained.
For scientists and engineering staff of scientific – research and designing organizations.


Prof. Kuliev S.A.  “Theory of elasticty” (a problem on torsion and flexion of prismatic beams)  in the Azerbaijan language. Baku, Azerneshr, 1998, 210 p.
Some problems on torsion and flexion of prismatic beams with cross section of complicated geometry are considered in the book.
The considered problems are solved both in the isotropic and anisotropic statement.
All the problems are solved on the base of theory of a complex variable function, and conformal mapping. The book is reckond upon post graduate students and research associates of different institutions


Prof. Kuliev S.A., “Some  problems of the theory elasticity.”Baku.Azerneshr. 2001.p.400.(in azeri.)

Prof. Kuliev S.A.,“The stress state of anisotropic plates”.(inazeri.).Baku.Azerneshr.2002.p.254.

Prof. Kuliev S.A.,Ayvazov E.B. “Theoretical mehanics” (short course) in the Azerbaijan language. Azerneshr. 2003, 396 p.
The main sections of Theoretical mechanics (statistics, kinematics and dynamics) accompained with various examples that correspond to the chapters for the students (bachelors or holders of master’s degree) of higher technical institutions and also scientific-mechanical research associates are presented in the book.

Prof. Kuliev S.A.  Conformally mapping functions of complex domains .
Baku .Azerneshr .2004 .372 p .
In this book principal informations on complex numbers, complex  variable functions and conformal mapping are presented according to the section of “Complex variable function”  theory of higher mathematics program for engineering – technical specialities of higher educational institutions.
In the monograph the mapping functions found for the first time by the author are cited ,practical recommendations on the use and construction of mapping functions of  often  met sufficiently complex domains in convenient form are  given .
In the  last chapter some operations ( multiplication , division ,raising  to  a power  and  etc.) on conformal mapping functions found in the form of  power series are cited .
The  book  is  expected  for scientific  and  engineering  staff  and  also for post – graduate and higher Engineering educational institution ‘s  students .        

Prof. Kuliev S.A. ,“Calculation of flat and  spatial farms.”(in azeri.). Baku.2005.p.62.(in with dos.Mamedov).

Prof. Kuliev S.A. ,Physical non-linear problems of elasticity theory. Baku, Azerneshr, 2010, 464 p.

In the book, physical non-linear problems of elasticity theory are considered.
Many problems of classic elasticity theory: plane problems, torsion and bending problems of prismatic beams (pure bending or bending under the point load) are solved in physical non-linear statement, numerical examples are given.
This book is the first book in this field in the Azerbaijan language.
The book is intended for a wide class of readers-students, post graduate students, researchers, teachers, engineers and others.
The monograph was written on the basis of scientific researches conducted during 45 years by prof. S. A. Kuliyev.


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